Elizabeth Churchill, Director of UX at Google, gave a talk in Cambridge last Tuesday. She shared insights about how Google uses the Material Design system to effectively scale UX.

After giving a little history of HCI & UX, she introduced Google’s Material Design, Google’s design system and shared how Google is evaluating the effectiveness of the Material Design System for designers, developers, and end users.

Design systems reduce replicated work, improve designer/developer collaboration and are a critical part of creating consistent user experiences across a range of products. I’m currently in the process of creating a UI design system and the Material Design documentation has often been a source of inspiration. It was intriguing to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Google Design team’s work process. Their work is heavily research based – one example given was the many user tests and iterations performed on a seemingly simple text input design to deem which one was most effective.

In the Q&A, Elizabeth mentioned how heavily every project is documented so the lessons learnt aren’t lost and are easily referenceable – every project has an accompanying slide deck. This is certainly something I can improve on!

Thanks to Cambridge Network for organising and Redgate for hosting.