To save iPhone battery-life, I generally leave my cellular data switched off – only turning it on when needed. One slight frustration though, is the number of steps it takes to active cellular data on iOS7:

From the ‘Cellular Data is Turned Off’ modal you have to: Press ‘Settings’, which takes you to the main settings page. From there you have to navigate to the cellular data settings page to turn on cellular data. You then have to navigate back to whatever you were doing…phew!

Would it not just be easier to have an option to turn on cellular data on the modal like so?:

Perhaps Apple added multiple steps to this user-flow deliberately, to stop you from accidentally turning on your 3G during a flight for example. Even so, would this not be a better solution?:

The Settings button takes you directed to the cellular data settings page, bypassing the main settings page.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. I’ll step off my high horse now.