This project was a collaboration with web developer, Matt Buckland


Located in the heart of Cambridge, Finn Jordan offers an extensive range of beauty and hairdressing services. As business grew, their old website was looking dated and no longer gave an accurate representation of the company. A fresh new website was required – one that expressed the FJ brand and allowed users to easily make appointments online on all devices. It was also important that the website was updatable by the FJ team.


We redesigned the website from scratch. Everything from the structure, to the visual design was recreated to bring the site up to date. The outcome is a sophisticated, clean looking site that expresses the brand and allows users to learn about FJ and book appointments online. Importantly, the website is responsive, meaning that it’s layout adapts to the screen size it is being viewed on – from smartphones to large monitors. This ensures the user has a great experience no matter what kind of device they’re using. The FJ team are able to manage their new site easily, ensuring that they have the freedom to update the content as and when required.

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